beer tap photo

Tapped into Faith: February 11, at Dirty Ehrma’s Cornerside Tavern, 7p

Grab dinner, a brew, or a soda and join the conversation.  This month, we will be talking about grace, a very churchy word, but what does it mean and how does it impact our lives- or does it?  This is not about finding a right answer, but about exploring our spirituality together.


Our Ash Wednesday service will be at 7p on Wednesday, February 10.  The service will involve music and readings, as well as the imposition of ashes on individuals, if you so choose.  It is a service of repentance, but also one of grace and hope in God’s love for us.


We’re doing Lent a little different this year.  Instead of giving up coffee or chocolate, we’re choosing to give up shame and scarce-thinking.  Using the work of Brene Brown in her books Daring Greatly (Lent) and Rising Strong (Easter), we will explore these issues.  Starting Sunday February 14, we will meet at 10a in the parish hall on Sundays in Lent to discuss Daring Greatly and in Easter to discuss Rising Strong.  The sermon each Sunday will also reflect on those subjects.  For more information and the reading schedule, please look under the formation/education tab on this website.

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