beer tap photo

Tap Into Faith is April 14, 7:00p at Dirty Ehrma’s.  Join us for discussion and a pint, dinner, or a soda.  This month’s topic: original sin.  Every religion deals with the topic of poor decision making by humans, so how does Christianity deal with it?  How might ‘sin’ be understood in a way that challenges the idea of ‘original?’  Come for conversation- it isn’t about answers, but about exploration.


A word about grace from one of us:



Bishop Sean Rowe will be joining us for worship on April 17.  Please note: our service will begin at 11:15a that day.  We will have lunch and conversation with the bishop following worship.  It is a Third Sunday acoustic worship.



During Eastertide (April 3- May 8) we will be reading Brene Brown’s Rising Strong together.  Join us at 10a Sundays to discuss the reading and then during worship, the sermon will reflect on the reading from a Scriptural perspective.  The book is available on Amazon and you can find the schedule of readings under or formation tab of by clicking here.


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