Sunday June 19, worship is moved to Erie, to Waldameer Park (no worship in our space in Brookville).  Every year the diocese gathers together for worship and then a day in the park.  It is an opportunity for us to gather with folks across our region and worship together.  The cost for the day is $22.50/person with a max of $80/ family with all the funds benefiting the youth camp.  For information, click here.


Tuesday mornings at 9:30a you’ll find us at the Create Cafe on Main Street conversing about various topics.  On June 14 we will have our final session on the three American Great Awakenings.  Drop by, grab a cup of joe, and enjoy the conversation!

Starting June 28th, we will begin a new series on the great theologians/mystics/writers of the Christian tradition.  We will not meet at Create on June 21.  More information on this series coming soon!


Join us Sunday mornings at 10a for informal discussion about the scripture scheduled for that day.  No prep necessary!

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