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July 14th is Tap Into Faith at Dirty Ehrma’s (7p, 6 Pickering Street).  In honor of the Fourth of July, we’ll be discussion freedom.  What is human freedom?  Are we free?  This debate has left the world of philosophy now and entered science as well: click here for a recent article in The Atlantic Magazine about science and free will.


Join us for worship at 11a on Sundays.  This month we will have Eucharist on July 17 and 31, with morning prayer on the 26th.  July 17 will be our acoustic worship.  Come at 10a on Sundays for discussion on the scripture that will be read in worship- no prep necessary.


We’ve begun our new series for Conversations at Create (held at the Create Cafe, Tuesdays, 9:30a).  It’s called Crash Course in Systematics.  Don’t freak out!  Here’s the deal.  We often leave the reading of theological material to priests and academics, but anyone can read it and be edified by doing so.  For a few weeks, we are going to read and unpack the writings of famous Christian theologians, including Augustine, Bonhoeffer, Basil, and more.  Here is the link to the series outline: Crash Course in Systematics and here is the link for our second reading: Fiddes, Participating in God .  You can listen to the sessions and find more information under the formation tab.  Come enjoy a cup of joe, a good conversation, and explore your own spirituality.


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