We’ve begun our new series for Conversations at Create (held at the Create Cafe, Tuesdays, 9:30a).  It’s called Crash Course in Systematics.  Don’t freak out!  Here’s the deal.  We often leave the reading of theological material to priests and academics, but anyone can read it and be edified by doing so.  For a few weeks, we are going to read and unpack the writings of famous Christian theologians, including Augustine, Bonhoeffer, Basil, and more.   You can download the readings, listen to the sessions, and find more information under the formation tab.  Come enjoy a cup of joe, a good conversation, and explore your own spirituality.



Art in the Park, a community event for all ages, will be July 30, from 1-5p.  We’ll be there with a tent and fun craft, so stop by and say hi!



The diocesan mission to Santiago begins this Friday.  The team of folks from all across our diocese will spend the week as assisting with a vacation Bible school, painting, and hosting am eyeglass clinic.  Keep the team, the community, and the parish of Christo Salvador in your prayers particularly this week and look for blogs about the week on The Forward.

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