beer tap photo

Tap Into Faith is September 8 at Dirty Ehrma’s (6 Pickering Street) at 7p.  Our discussion will be about knowing one’s self: is it always ‘to thine ownself be true’ or does community play a role?  How do we discover ourselves anyway?  Grab dinner or a pint and join the conversation!


We are back online with Sundays’ sermons.  You can find them here.


blue and brews

Mark your calendars: Blues and Brew is October 15th, at the Create Cafe on Main Street.  This year there will also be a chili cook off!  We are looking for entries for the chili contest and home brew contest.  But if that’s not you, mark your calendars and come for a fun evening of bands, brews, and chili tasting!  You can find us as an event on Facebook through Create Brookville’s page.  Here is the entry form for home brews: Blues and Brews form, with the chili entry form coming soon.  More info here.


We’ve begun our new series for Conversations at Create (held at the Create Cafe, Tuesdays, 9:30a).  It’s called Crash Course in Systematics.  Don’t freak out!  Here’s the deal.  We often leave the reading of theological material to priests and academics, but anyone can read it and be edified by doing so.  For a few weeks, we are going to read and unpack the writings of famous Christian theologians, including Augustine, Bonhoeffer, Basil, and more.   You can download the readings, listen to the sessions, and find more information under the formation tab.  Come enjoy a cup of joe, a good conversation, and explore your own spirituality.


Join us this Sunday, August 18, for our acoustic worship, 11a.  The flow of the worship service follows that of a regular Episcopal service, but the music is newer and the prayers are drawn from different sources across several traditions.

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