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Tap Into Faith is Thursday, February 9, at 7p at Dirty Ehrma’s.  Truth seems like a tricky topic.  What is it?  How do we arrive at it?  Is every truth a fact; is fact a truth?  Join us for discussion





Our Conversations at CREATE during the month of February will focus on how we listen for God in our lives.  We will be using selections from Nouwen’s book (to the right) and a book called Listening Hearts.  Join us: Tuesdays, 9:30a, CREATE Cafe.






We’ll be using a very accessible book called The Road Back to You.  The Enneagram is designed to teach you about your own self- the good aspects of your personality and the pitfalls.  If we understand who we are and how we are actually constrained in life by our own personalities, we can move to new places and change how we think and act.  We know ourselves so we don’t have to be captive to ourselves.  Whether you can come to the discussion group or not, we commend this book to you as a tool on your own journey.

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