We worship together every Sunday morning at 11, at 62 Pickering Street, in Brookville PA. Our service is in the Episcopal tradition, which began as a middle way between the Roman Catholic Church and the churches developing from the Reformation.

Here are some things to expect:

– We dress casually.

– Our service comes from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer and involves prayers, Scripture reading, hymn singing, and sharing bread and wine at the Eucharist.

– Our service will incorporate sitting, standing, and kneeling, but the worship leaflet you receive at the door will indicate when each action is to take place.

– While the Episcopal Church draws its worship services from a book, all the information you will need and all the responses are listed in our service leaflet.

– At the time when Communion is taken, those wishing to receive the bread and wine will walk up the center aisle to the front of the church and either stand or kneel at the rail.  First the bread will be given, then the communal chalice.  You can either drink out of the common cup or dip your bread in it.

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