Listen to sermons given on Sunday by our vicar, Melinda Hall.

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June 25: No peace but a sword?  Say what… 

June 18: Why it is so hard to lend our whole hearts to hope. 

June 11: Why does the Trinity matter?

June 4: Pentecost. 

May 21 and 28: no sermon; priest away.

May 14: Wander through the world. 

May 7: Which voice is God’s? 

April 30: Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

April 23: Why all the locked doors? 

April 16: Easter: What is Easter all about? 

April 15: Easter Vigil: Why resurrection? 

April 13: Maundy Thursday: 

April 9: Palm Sunday: 

April 2: Lent V: The last in the series about Jacob’s inner journey.  What is the goal of repentance? 

March 26: We apologize- unavailable.

March 19: Lent III: Jacob, will he live into his new identity? 

March 12: Lent II: Sorry, unavailable.

March 5: Lent I. Jacob, Repentance, and the Enneagram. 

Feb 26: Transfiguration Sunday.  No sermon; Melinda away.

Feb. 19: Epiphany VII: Leviticus.  How Leviticus teaches us about loving others. 

Feb. 12: Epiphany VI: Exodus 20.  Choose the path of life.  Given by the Rev. Jason Shank. 

Feb. 5: Epiphany V: Isaiah 58.  What is the point of worship?  

Jan. 29: Epiphany IV: Micah 6.  Do justice.  Love kindness.  Walk with God. 

Jan. 22: Epiphany III: Isaiah 9.  On the territory of hope.

Jan 15: Epiphany II: Isaiah 49.  Finding purpose and calling.