lent & easter 2016

Often the idea of giving up something in Lent leads to forty days without chocolate or coffee, but does not always lead to finding news ways of being with God. This Lent, we propose giving up something more meaningful, something that jeopardizes our life together and our life with God: I’m talking about shame and scarcity. We spend a lot of time comparing ourselves to others or a past self; we waste energy dwelling on a sense of never being good enough. What if we gave all that up? What if we refused to succumb to shame placed on us by others or ourselves and instead took more seriously what God says about us? How would it change us; how would it change our relationships? Could we live like that, and what happens if we try and fail? How do we get back up? This Lent and Eastertide, join us in exploring issues surrounding shame, courage, and vulnerability.

The series is based on and will draw heavily from the work of Brene Brown, particularly her books Daring Greatly and Rising Strong. During Lent, we will be reading and discussing Daring Greatly and during Easter, we will be reading and discussing Rising Strong. We will meet at the Create Café, Thursdays at 9:30a. Even if you cannot make it, you are encouraged to read along and listen to the recorded sessions available here.

Here is the reading schedule:

Lent: Daring Greatly                                                                Easter: Rising Strong

February 14: Introduction, Chapter 1                             April 3: Introduction, Chapters 1-2

February 21: Chapter 2                                                       April 10: Chapters 3-4

February 28: Chapter 3                                                       April 17: Chapters 5-6

March 6: Chapter 4                                                             April 24: Chapters 7-8

March 13: Chapter 5-6                                                        May 1: Chapter 9

March 20: Chapter 7                                                            May 8: Chapters 10-11

We will meet Sundays at 10:00a in the parish hall for discussion. The chapter to be discussed each Sunday is the one listed next to the date.