holy trinity talks

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This season of Lent (starting Feb. 18), Sunday’s talks will be built around the book we’re reading for formation: Richard Rohr’s Falling Upward.  Reading the book isn’t necessary, but the two will go together.  See the front webpage for a preview of the upcoming week’s theme.

Recent Holy Trinity Talks

May 13: Is the past always how things should work in the present? 

May 6: Bishop visit; no recording

April 29: Intrinsic or Extrinsic Value: it makes a difference. 

April 22: Feeling sheepish? 

April 15: The shape of the gospel is the shape of our lives: wounds being healed. 

April 8: God’s Recreating Breath

Easter Sunday: The Inexplicable Nature of Resurrection. 

Easter Vigil: A retelling of the Story 

Maundy Thursday: Invited to Invest. 

Palm Sunday: The Self-Emptying God. 

March 18: Do we see reality objectively? 

March 11: The World as One Dewdrop 

March 4: Only by Going into the Silence. 

February 25: Going to the Woods is Going Home. 

February 18: The Mountains are Calling 

February 11: Identity Matters

February 4: Balance in Life 

January 28, What does an argument about idols from the New Testament have to do with today’s climate of contention? 

January 21: Why exactly was in Jonah in a whale anyway? 

January 14: Listen for your Name

Selected Holy Trinity Talks

Christmas Eve: Love is the Reason. 

December 24: Mary: Here I Am. 

November 19: Buried talents 

October 29: Glimpses of our own Promised Lands 

October 15: Golden Calf: Reducing God to a Simple Answer.