holy trinity talks

Recent Holy Trinity Talks

March 8: Nicodemus and God’s Gift of Grace. By Rev. David Betz

March 1: Hope in Lent. Reflection by Dave Cherby

February 26: Ash Wednesday and a Christ-like Life. By Rev. David Betz

February 23: The Transfiguration: God’s Power and Us. Reflection by Martha Robinson

February 16: The Gift of the Commandments. By Rev. David Betz

January 26: Turn Around, and Follow Me. Reflection by Martha Robinson

January 19: Come and See. By Rev. David Betz

January 12: Baptism and Disruption. By Rev. Cathy Dempesy-Sims

December 29: All are One in Christ Jesus. Reflection by Dave Cherby

December 24: Fear Not, Charlie Brown! By Rev. David Betz

December 15: Darkness and Light. Reflection by Martha Robinson

December 8: Advent: Am I Ready? By Rev. David Betz

December 1: Advent Hope. Reflection by Dave Cherby

November 24: Christ the King. By Rev. David Betz

November 17: Out of Stillness.

November 10: All are Alive to God. By Rev. David Betz

October 27: Humility and Love. By Rev. David Betz

October 13: Returning to Give Thanks. By Rev. David Betz

October 6: Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed. Reflection by Martha Robinson.

September 22: God and Stuff. By Rev. David Betz

September 15: Wandering Sheep. Reflection by Cathy Dinger.

September 1: Seats at the Banquet. Reflection by Martha Robinson.

August 18: Imprinting Grace.

August 11: Faith is relationship.

August 4: How do you see?

July 28: Why pray?

July 21: Contemplation and action.

July 14: Won’t you be my neighbor?

July 7: God’s Use of Power.

June 30: Fire from heaven or fruit?

Selected Talks

Nov. 11: The story of Ruth: Foreigner, Migrant, Example of Love.

Nov. 4: Unbind them, says Jesus, from all that takes their humanity. 

August 26: Tribalism: Jesus calls us beyond it. 

March 18: Do we see reality objectively? 

March 4: Only by Going into the Silence. 

February 25: Going to the Woods is Going Home. 

February 11: Identity Matters

Christmas Eve: Love is the Reason. 

December 24: Mary: Here I Am. 

November 19: Buried talents 

October 29: Glimpses of our own Promised Lands 

October 15: Golden Calf: Reducing God to a Simple Answer.