holy trinity talks

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We are now in the season of Pentecost and ‘ordinary time.’  The readings are not centered in one particular topic, but move through different books of the Bible.



Recent Holy Trinity Talks

July 8: Gotta stop dismissing people. 

June 24 and July 1: No sermon.

June 17: Church is kind of a mess.  Why bother? 

June 10: Haters gonna Hate. 

June 3: Don’t miss the forest for the trees. 

May 27: Our priest was away; no sermon.

May 20: The Spirit is all about creating unity by engaging our diversity. 

May 13: Is the past always how things should work in the present? 

May 6: Bishop visit; no recording

April 29: Intrinsic or Extrinsic Value: it makes a difference. 

April 22: Feeling sheepish? 

April 15: The shape of the gospel is the shape of our lives: wounds being healed. 

April 8: God’s Recreating Breath

Easter Sunday: The Inexplicable Nature of Resurrection. 

Easter Vigil: A retelling of the Story 

Maundy Thursday: Invited to Invest. 

Palm Sunday: The Self-Emptying God. 

March 18: Do we see reality objectively? 

March 11: The World as One Dewdrop 

March 4: Only by Going into the Silence. 

February 25: Going to the Woods is Going Home. 

February 18: The Mountains are Calling 

February 11: Identity Matters

February 4: Balance in Life 

January 28, What does an argument about idols from the New Testament have to do with today’s climate of contention? 

January 21: Why exactly was in Jonah in a whale anyway? 

January 14: Listen for your Name

Selected Holy Trinity Talks

Christmas Eve: Love is the Reason. 

December 24: Mary: Here I Am. 

November 19: Buried talents 

October 29: Glimpses of our own Promised Lands 

October 15: Golden Calf: Reducing God to a Simple Answer.