photos & videos

KidVenture Day Camp (partnered with Brookville Presbyterian and Grace Lutheran for three days of 9a-3p fun for local kids)

Game Night at Laurel Festival

Art in the Park 2018

Bishop Sean Rowe’s visit, with receptions of people into The Episcopal Church and a boisterous bunch following

Easter Sunday

Easter Vigil 2018

Pancake Dinner with the Presbyterians to raise money for the food pantry: over $1700!


Trivia Night at Fusion Atelier in January


Fair Trade sale and Hosting Chamber of Commerce Wine Walk


Helping out at Habitat for Humanity


Blues, Brews, and Chili 2017


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Trivia Night at Fusion Atelier:



Helping out with the Chamber of Commerce BBQ Fest:



Fun hiking in Cook Forest:



Our booth at CREATE’s Art in the Park:



Helping out at the Brookville Y’s Healthy Kids Day.  We helped them mix granola.




AnamCara concert to raise funds for Neighbors for Neighbors:



Pancake Dinner for the Brookville Area Food Pantry:



Victorian Christmas: Art Show, Concerts, and Wine Walk



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Distributing Kiva funds:


Phantom of the Opera, accompanied on organ:


From our Habitat for Humanity work day, Oct. 2016:



From Blues and Brews and Chili 2016:



From the Blessing of the Animals:



From Art in the Park:




Annual Plant Sale:



Some moments from this year’s Easter Weekend:





Using Paint to explore our spirituality at CREATE Cafe



Blues and Brews at CREATE, February 2016



Pancake Dinner: February 2016



Painting Day: January 2016


Advent Worship 2015



A musical excerpt from our Third Sunday liturgy



One of our parishioners shares about her experience on the diocesan mission trip to the DR.



From Blessing of the Animals 2015

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