who we are

We are a congregation of all ages worshipping together in the Episcopal tradition.  We believe in God as shown to us in Jesus Christ, and we learn how to love God, love each other, and love our community by coming together for worship and other events.

Core Values of Holy Trinity

Welcoming, Valuing, and Upholding All People

All people are endowed with dignity and worth by their Creator, beloved of God as they are; all people are embraced by the outstretched arms of Christ on the cross, covered by grace and mercy. Because of our common bond as children of God, every person of any race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, income level, ability, educational attainment, marital status, or gender expression is welcome in our congregation. We embrace and welcome all people, respecting and honoring difference. By engaging the diversity of our experiences, worldviews, theology, commitments, and lifestyles, we learn from each other and grow. Growing and learning together is a joyful experience; we enjoy one another’s company.

Eucharistic-Centered Worship

Worship is a joyful experience, with music, prayer, readings, and the sharing of bread and wine. Our worship follows a more traditional pattern, but we intentionally experiment with new liturgical services as well as different kinds of music. Sermons are thoughtful and seek to address relevant concerns. At the heart of our worship is celebrating the Eucharist, the sharing of bread and wine around the common table to which all are invited. In continuing to celebrate this meal we are following Christ’s command to remember his life, death, and resurrection as a community. Around the table we receive grace and are united to one another; we find sustenance for our faith journeys. In the bread and wine we encounter Christ and are changed and filled anew with joy and hope. This is the heart of our worship: meeting Christ together at the table and be transformed by this meal that gathers us all in and sends us all back out.

Intentional Formation Opportunities

Faith formation and discipleship are ongoing as we seek to know, hear, share, and follow Christ throughout our lives. We seek quality opportunities to explore our own faith (studies in Scripture, arts and spirituality) as well as opportunities that help us better understand and love our neighbors (other faith traditions). Our formation time is held outside of the church building and in the community. Additionally, our formation is centered in active conversation by all involved. Education not only deepens our own spiritual lives, it also provides a space for discussion and discernment. We learn from one another as well as from books and leaders.

Working for Justice

Christ calls us to see all people as our neighbors and care for them. Our commitment to serving our neighbors is demonstrated by our investment in a variety of organizations globally (KIVA, water in Kenya, church in Jerusalem, etc.) and locally (food pantry, Trucker-Traveler Ministry, Helping Hands, etc.).   We also engage in hands-on service opportunities, such as volunteering for the soup kitchen and Habitat for Humanity. We seek to transform unjust structures and respond to human need both in our community and abroad.


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