bishop’s committee

The Bishop’s Committee is the decision making body of the congregation.  At our Annual Meeting in January we elect two new members to serve three year terms.  The committee meets once a month and seeks to guide the church.  Meetings begin with evening prayer and are followed by discussions of old and new business.  This year, we are focused on leadership development.  If you would like to read along with us, you can find the pdfs below.

Our current committee members are:

Dave Cherby, Senior Warden

Cathy Dinger, Treasurer

Tom Dinger

Sue Frontino

Bob Olson

Claire Orner

Martha Robinson

Leadership Readings

January: Ministry in the Image of God

February: Hirsch, chapter 2

March: Failure of Nerve

April: Hirsch, chapter 4

May and June: Heifitz chapter 1 and Heifitz chapter 3

July: missional leader chapter 2

August: Missional Leader chapter 4

September: Adaptive Leadership, self in system

October: Qualities of an adaptive system and Building an Adaptive Culture

No readings for Nov or Dec.

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