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Please call our office at 814-849-7235 or email

Our address is 62 Pickering Street, Brookville, PA, 15825.


1 thought on “contact us

  1. Vicar Melinda,
    I was very happy to have had an opportunity to visit Holy Trinity 2 weeks ago. Everyone I met greeted me with a smile and handshake. The congregation is very welcoming!

    The subject of your sermon was on the talents given to 3 servants by their Master. You brought up a very interesting point. You said that nowhere in scripture does it actually say that the Master was harsh as the 3rd servant suggested. I have been thinking about that since that day. As many times as I have read that specific scripture or heard someone preach on it I never realized that point! It made your sermon more thought-provoking but also made me realize how important it is to study what is written and also what is NOT written. Thank you for making me stretch my thinking!

    Also, I ordered the book “Listening for God” because I saw you had a study group that was discussing it. Do you have any notes online from those discussions? It is not a time I could attend but I enjoyed reading the 1st chapter and pondering the questions.
    Mona Kennis


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